Human Hair Wigs: Everything You Must Know --- ROYA HAIR WIG

Human Hair Wigs: Everything You Must Know --- ROYA HAIR WIG

Are you someone who is stepping into the world of wigs? If yes? Then this blog will help uncover all the possible questions you have on your mind regarding wigs. Why, how, what kinds are there, how to care for them, you will know everything. Read on to find all the answers to your questions on Human Hair Wigs!

Human Hair Wigs: Everything You Must Know


Celebrities from all around the world have been an inspiration for many. Even tik-tok stars and Influencers leave a mark on their fans and everyone aspiring to be like them and mimic their sense of fashion.


Their dresses, make-up and hair, is a matter of discussion among women. It doesn't take much time for their influence to become a fashion trend. Almost every new thing they do becomes the talk of the town, and soon people start imitating them, or as Gen-Z says, it starts trending and goes viral over the internet in a matter of minutes.


Something similar has happened with wigs over time. They have become one such piece of a fashion statement. Gone are the days when people used wigs to cover their bald patches or bald head or used them in dramas or plays. They are now worn by women from all walks of life, irrespective of age, ethnicity, or profession.


It has become a new and integral part of their wardrobe and as such many women now own 2 or more different kinds of wigs in their collection.


So what are wigs, why are so many people using them, how many types are there, and what should we know about them if we would like to buy one? Read on to find answers to your questions because this blog will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about wigs!

Their dresses, make-up and hair, is a matter of discussion among women. It doesn't take much time for their influence to become a fashion trend. Almost every new thing they do becomes the talk of the town, and soon people start imitating them, or as Gen-Z says, it starts trending and goes viral over the internet in a matter of minutes.


Something similar has happened with wigs over time. They have become one such piece of a fashion statement. Gone are the days when people used wigs to cover their bald patches or bald head or used them in dramas or plays. They are now worn by women from all walks of life, irrespective of age, ethnicity, or profession.


It has become a new and integral part of their wardrobe and as such many women now own 2 or more different kinds of wigs in their collection.


So what are wigs, why are so many people using them, how many types are there, and what should we know about them if we would like to buy one? Read on to find answers to your questions because this blog will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about wigs!

What Is A Wig?

Remy Human Hair Wigs


Wigs are hair accessories made from human hair or synthetic hair. It is worn for either prosthetic, cosmetic, or convenience reasons.

People who suffer from hair-related problems such as alopecia, spot balding, or thinning of hair can disguise their condition by wearing a wig. People use it for cosmetic purposes to get longer, fuller hair or hair of a different color from their natural hair. And, it is very convenient to change your style now and then with the help of wigs.

 History of Wigs
  • According to some anthropologists, wigs go back 100,000 years ago. Wigs were quite popular in ancient Egypt, where people cut their hair short or shaved their heads for cleanliness and comfort (getting respite from the hot desert heat). The British Museum has a wig that was made around 3000 years back. 
  • Wigs made their way into the British courtrooms in the 17th century. It was fully adopted as legal attire along with robes. Judges wore long, curled, full-bottom wigs in the courtroom, making way for smaller bench wigs.

Different Types of Wigs


Over time wigs have become an essential fashion accessory for women. It has taken a long time to perfect the quality of wigs, but now with current wigs, it’s almost unrecognizable from your natural hair.


A much larger section of women is experimenting with wigs. There are many different textures, colors, styles, and lengths to choose from. It saves you time and energy, and you can go from drab to fab in minutes.


There are a wide variety of wigs based on the hair type, construction, variations, styles, and usage. We will gladly help you to wrap your head around this exciting and useful accessory and unravel the world of wigs.


Based On Hair Type


So basically, 2 types of hair are used in wigs -natural and synthetic. The natural hair wig is made from 100% human remy hair while synthetic wigs are made from acrylic or nylon fibers.


Human Hair Wigs

Wigs made from human hair


    • Wigs made from human hair are of the highest quality. They will help you in achieving the most natural look and feel.
    • You are at liberty to style your hair to your liking when using human hair wigs.
    • These wigs are more durable and can last longer than a synthetic fiber. All you have to do is show some love and care to them.
    • Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic ones, but they are more genuine in their look.
    • You can style, color, wash and similarly care for them as you would do your hair.


Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic Wigs


    • Synthetic wigs are made from acrylic or nylon fibers and are given the same look and feel as natural hair.
    • They come in various styles and colors. They are pre-styled, and you have many options to choose from.
    • They can retain their shape and style for a longer time.
    • They can’t be restyled to your choice again, meaning you cannot apply heat to the synthetic wigs as they will tend to lose their structure and form. They are ready to wear.
    • They are typically less expensive, which would also mean less durable than human hair wigs.


Wig Construction


Wig construction is easy because there are only two main parts: the cap or foundation and the hair. The foundation (or cap) is just the base material of anything that’s a wig. It’s shaped like an actual head, and the hair is sewn on or machine-constructed onto this form. This piece is then pinned to the wearer’s head so it doesn't come off.


Hair can be either acquired from humans in most cases or artificial (synthetic hair), and they are attached to the wig in one of two ways: by hand or with a machine that makes sure they don't fall out easily. However, stitches can be reinforced by gluing as well if necessary.


Full Cap Wig

A full cap human hair wig


    • full-cap wig is a great choice to complete a natural head of hair.
    • A full-cap wig uses a netting cap or full caul, meaning that the hair on this kind of unit is sewn into the fabric and covered completely by the cap.
    • Compared with a half cap or 3/4 cap, a full cap provides more coverage as it goes around each section of the ears and forehead.
    • An advantage of this type of wig is that there are almost no gaps between the hair and scalp, resulting in no part lines being noticed from an external viewpoint.
    • If worn for extended periods, a full-cap wig can make one feel warm and may not breathe as well as other types of wigs due to its closed nature.


Open Cap Wig

An in-depth look at an Open-Cap Wig


    • An open cap wig, also referred to as a capless cap, wefted cap, basic wig cap, or wefted wig, uses wefts of hair attached to form the cap.
    • It’s machine-made, so you won’t have to worry about flattening it out on your own.
    • The permatease technique makes the wefting inconspicuous and won’t ruin the intended look.
    • This particular wig is perfect for anyone who finds they get too hot when wearing wigs during the summer months, simply because there are plenty of avenues for air to flow up above the wig rather than being trapped under it!


Partial Coverage Wig

Toppers or Wiglets


    • partial coverage wig (or wiglet) can come in the form of a clip-on or elastic structure and is made to enhance one’s natural tresses.
    • Clipping in "fall pieces" of hair can make your hair appear longer or thicker, as well as a cute ponytail or bun accessories that give anyone wanting to make a perfect updo without feeling like they're dealing with the hassle of wearing a full wig.
    • A topper cap is another type of partial wig attached by clips on the head and covers just the crown and back of the neck.
    • This is great for those who have hair loss in those areas and want to look good at any time but maintain a sense of naturalness.
    • There are also partial wigs available on the market that stop short of the forehead to blend what little hair one has with the wig.


Method Of Production


There are predominantly two methods of production of a wig. One by hand and the other by machine.


Hand-tied Wigs

Hand-tied Wigs


The hand-tied wig process is quite time-consuming, but because each head of hair is individually tied, it creates a more natural appearance than simply spraying into place. This kind of wig looks more natural as all the hair flows in the same direction, and the hair can be parted in any way. A lot depends on time constraints and individual budgets when deciding if using a hand-tied wig would be a good option.


Machine-made Wigs

Machine-made Wigs


Another type of wig is the machine-made wig. Machine wigs are often used by people allergic to wig glues and tapes. These are also popular with individuals new to wigs because they require no adhesive or chemicals to apply. Machine wigs also come at a more affordable price than other types.


Special Wigs


There are a few specialty wigs that are thronging the market today. Let us talk about them a little more in detail to know what they are.


U-Shaped Wig

U-Shaped Wig


The U-shaped Wig comes as a unit, with an opening that allows you to put your natural hair through. This is similar to how one would achieve a weave look - by pulling their hair through the weave.


If you have thin or short hair and long strands of hair on your wig won't give the desired "full" look when blending through the two textures, this style won’t be the best choice. Alternatively, if you'd prefer a "wig-with-weave" look and want heavily woven strands from underneath, a wig with full coverage will work better for you.


Full Lace Wig

Full Lace Wig


Full lace wigs give the most natural and authentic hairline since individual strands of hair are pulled through the stretchy cap. It's considered to be the most natural of all wigs since it can be washed and styled, and even designs that adorn the lace may also be able to be customized however you would like.


The issue with this option is that it must be delicately handled during the entire application process since it is delicate and can tear easily. It must also be treated with care to not damage real hair strands.


Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs mimic your natural hairline


If you’re looking for an incredibly natural hairline, this is the type of wig for you. It works especially well if you frequently style your hair away from your face. Traditional lace front wigs will form an unnatural hairline about halfway down your forehead. This kind of cap construction makes it possible to form the entire look of your wig in a very natural way, right down to the hairline.


Many lace front wigs come to us ready to wear and cover your head from one temple to the other, so you don’t have to worry about cutting or shortening the piece yourself.



A Lace Closure Sew-in


Closures are a popular choice among wearers of hairpieces or wigs. Closures are real or artificial hair sewn onto the front part of a person’s hairpiece so they can wear it undetected. Sometimes it is used to cover the underlying hairstyle as well.


These closures come in different sizes and shapes but are mostly 4 x 4 inches in size. They can be styled and parted in one or two directions, making this an extremely versatile addition to helping you create a customized look.


Silk Top Wig

Silk Top Wig gives the illusion of a natural hairline


This is the best wig if you want something that looks so natural and real. It blends in so well with your hair that people will think it's coming from underneath your scalp! The bundles have a silk top and natural-looking knots concealed under another layer to achieve that flesh tone look. This will also look great on different face shapes as it is flexible for styling. This can't be worn in a high ponytail or off to one side as the knots would show. The back of this can be secured with hairstylist clips or combs.


Half Wig

Half Wig for fullness and length


A half wig is a hairpiece that falls halfway down the head just above the ears and is normally secured by clips or combs. This adds volume and length while allowing wearers to have enough coverage on their topside hairdo without being too overwhelming or pointed. This is popular with women who want to create the illusion of longer hair without covering their real hair up from top to bottom.


Based On Various Textures


Every woman has a different texture of hair that they identify with. Some have a silky smooth feel, while others have a curly, kinky, and dry feel. Hair texture is something that you are born with and is a reflection of your genetics.


So it is natural that you might want to go with a wig that is similar to your natural hair or may want to try something entirely different to change the way you look.


Straight Bob Wig

Sleek straight look with Wig


Women often on the go can benefit from an easy, uncomplicated style. The Straight Bob Wig is just that. With a classic cut that's stylish and functional, it works whether you're headed to work or out on the town with friends!


This versatile wig has become a favorite among savvy ladies everywhere because there are many ways to wear it: try keeping it sleek and simple during your morning commute, then let down your hair when you get to work.


Long Straight Wig

A long hair wig makes every girl's hair dream come true


When it comes to wigs, the style that never goes out of fashion is straight hair. This is because the trend is classic, and one can customize a straight wig to fit any occasion because it is an ideal option for everyone looking to enhance themselves. With human hair wigs, you can relax and go on your way with this headpiece that enhances your look.


Curly Wig

Make stunning hairstyles with curly hair wigs


Human hair curly wigs give you a textured and voluminous look that tells people you are willing to go the extra mile with your hairstyle. Wearing curly human hair wigs will change your life. You'll be admired by everyone who sees you. You can have short to bob to medium-length to long hair with this kind of curly wig.


Anyone who wants to change their current basic hairstyle by checking out some new looks should try wearing one of these curly human hair wigs. Each piece of the hairstyle will have body and movement no matter where it goes, which gives each wearer natural-looking curls wherever they are.


Body Wave Wig

Flawless-looking body wave wig


Body wave hair is an elegant and fashionable way to have a more natural-looking hair wig while keeping up with current trends. You're sure to find a wig perfect for your fancy outfit, from shoulder-length to waist length.


The versatility of this style allows you to easily create different looks and feels. Whether glamming it up for the red carpet or attending a laid-back barbecue, there isn’t anything else like this style of lace front hair extensions!


Installation Process

Installing a Wig


  • The most important thing you can do after washing your hair is to use a brush to pull it as straight as possible.
  • Pinning down your mane using bobby pins into cornrows will help keep the style sleek and smooth for a long time.
  • A wig cap is another invaluable tool that helps keep the wig securely in place without creating friction when worn over your normal hair.
  • The most important thing you can do when wearing a wig is to ensure that your mane is secured snugly against the wig cap by using combs inside the cap itself. Little effort will help prevent rustling noises and unwanted movement during extended wear.
  • There are many videos online which will come in handy when you are installing the wig at home by yourself. And if you go to a hairdresser, he or she will know what’s best for you.


Buying Guide – Factors To Consider Before Buying Human Hair Wigs


Whether you are a pro or a fresher in the field of wigs, one must know a few things up front before buying wigs. Whether you are looking to change your hair game or cover up hair loss, you can rely on wigs for the job. Before buying your wig, let us understand the factors that play an important role.


Wig Cap Construction


How a wig is made depends a lot on it. Just because you feel your current choice of wig is working for you doesn't mean there isn’t something better for you. Based on their construction method, these kinds of wigs work differently and give different results.


    • Lace Front WigsThey mimic the natural hairline, and it isn’t easy to figure out if one is wearing a wig. It looks as if natural hair is growing out of the scalp. They are mostly pre-styled and ready-to-wear. You can also style your hair in any which way you like.


    • Monofilament Wigs - The best part about this wig construction is that you can part your hair in any way, from the middle, side, zig-zag, absolutely any way you like. You can use a double monofilament wig cap if you have a sensitive scalp. This will help your sensitive skin and won’t irritate your scalp.


    • 100% Hand-Tied Wigs These wig caps are 100% hand-tied giving you the freedom of styling your hair in many different ways. It is often considered the best wig cap out of all. This wig cap also allows multi-directional parting, and the hair moves like your own hair.


    • Basic Wig Cap - Wefted hair extensions for wig making are sewn together in intricate patterns to create the look of hair growing naturally from the scalp. The two most basic wefted hairstyles are regular and open wefts. Open wefts wigs are made with smaller spaces between each hair strand, creating a lighter, more natural-looking head of hair. When constructing wigs for cancer patients, wig makers often choose open weft because they allow air to circulate throughout the cap, easily creating a cooler head of hair.




When choosing a wig, you should decide on your desired hairstyle. Are you looking for a look that resembles your natural hair? Or are you ready to take the plunge and try something new, possibly a new style? This will help in selecting colors and cuts available to choose from! With wigs, remember you can experiment with something different than your current hairstyle and go for something new and fresh.




You must go for the color that suits or matches your skin tone. Going two colors lighter or darker than your original hair color will give you a dramatic look if that is what interests you. You can also opt for highlights keeping things subtle if you are not someone who likes to experiment a lot.


Cap Size


Sizing wigs can be confusing, so don’t worry - it's very simple. Indique’s sizing guide will give you more details about what each measurement means for your wig cap, but in most cases, you'll want to choose the size that most closely matches your measurements.


Choosing the right cap size will ensure a better fitting process and a comfortably snug fit, which makes all the difference when trying to achieve a natural-looking realistic style!


Hair Material


You might have to decide which hairpiece to invest in - human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are generally seen as more ideal because they often look and feel most like real hair, which naturally comes at a higher price than synthetic wigs, which would be less desirable.


Nevertheless, you must remember that synthetic pieces now available can work. If you aren't sure whether investing in one piece is right for you, it's essential to remember the positive and negative aspects of both kinds of hairpieces so that you will know what piece works best for your individual needs!


Why Must You Own / Buy A Wig?

#1 Flexibility To Pick Your Hairstyle


This challenge is dissolved with wigs as it is easier to transform your hair than ever before. They are at the top of the list since they allow you to change them whenever you like. All you have to do is buy a wig that matches the new look!


#2 Hide Thinning Hair


Regardless of how temporary or permanent thinning hair is, dealing with losing a significant amount of hair too soon can make any woman feel less confident about themselves.


A wig can go a long way in providing the comfort level women need before their natural hair has fully recovered. It's not just there to hide your thinning head, but it can be an outlet for your emotions if things get rough for you.


#3 Boost Confidence


Donning a wig regularly will boost your confidence and make you feel amazing. Have you noticed how better you feel when you have great hair? That positive feeling can inspire us to take action.


#4 Saves Time


It’s a universal truth that most people wish they could sleep just a little longer. Unfortunately, time is always tight in the morning, and especially for those with tougher or longer hair, it can take a lot of time to do our hair in the morning.


With a wig, this time can be spent sleeping! That’s because your wig will still look great after a long day. There are no frizz, mess, or tangles to deal with in the morning.


#5 Saves Money


Owning a wig can help save time, money, and headaches. Many women spend hundreds of dollars on expensive trips to the salon to get that perfect hairstyle.


Instead, a wig comes pre-styled. This allows women to get the desired look immediately at a fraction of the price of an appointment with a professional stylist. Simply pop on the wig, and there you have it, a unique look to rule the day.


Some Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Wig



    • Wigs help you to be whoever you want to be. There are several styling options. You can also have two wigs - everyday wear and special occasion wear. This will help you alternate your style and shatter the monotony.
    • Wearing wigs gives your hair some much-required TLC. With wigs, your hair gets some free time to breathe, relax, and stay away from constant manipulation, promoting hair growth.
    • Wigs nowadays are very real-looking. This is so because 100% Remy Hairs are used in most wigs, which have the same look and feel as your natural hair.
    • Wigs are a great cover-up for hair loss due to Alopecia, the side effects of chemotherapy, or any other reason. They can be customized according to your needs and the look you want.
    • Wigs can last you for a longer time, depending on the care and love you give them. They can last upto a year or longer based on the maintenance they are given.



    • Wigs can cause discomfort, especially during hot weather. They can cause itchiness on the scalp and can build up extra heat, which will feel very uncomfortable. But this usually happens while wearing synthetic wigs. So it is advisable to go for human hair wigs with a lace front.
    • Wigs can be an expensive investment. This is true in the case of Human Hair Wigs. But again, when you want the best quality, you will have to spend a little more than the rest.
    • However simple, wigs require to be maintained. A Wig’s lifespan will depend on how well it's taken care of and maintained. Using the right products specially designed for Wigs are habits you will need to adopt.
    • Wigs can limit your activities like swimming, exercise, or sleeping. This is true that with wigs, activities are limited. Still, we should also realize that they are a temporary addition to our beauty regime, and removing them before such activities will only help us increase their lives.


TLC For Wigs

Different kinds of wigs for everyone


It's important to note that most of these tips pertain to wearing a wig. Why? Wigs have different needs and requirements than human or synthetic hair extensions. When it comes to storing your extension, you want to make sure it's properly ventilated. Otherwise, you're at risk of damaging the product itself.




You must always detangle your wig with a wide-toothed comb or a wig brush. Work your way up from the bottom to your roots.




After you have worn the wig 10-15 times, it should ideally be washed. Fill the sink with lukewarm water and first let the wig soak. Lather up the sulfate-free shampoo on the wig and finish by conditioning it.




Let your wig air-dry by placing it on a mannequin head or a wig stand. Natural air keeps the essential oils in your hair intact.




Keep your wigs away from the sunlight. Wigs made of human hair will tend to be damaged by sun rays.




Keep your wigs away from the sunlight. Wigs made of human hair will tend to be damaged by sun rays.



Whether you're new to wigs or simply wish to get more from your next purchase, we hope this guide helped you learn what it takes to discover the best wig for your needs and desired look.


There's much more than selecting the color you want, so take advantage of these details to better understand the factors that matter, including length, construction, type, and color.


You'll love how you look in your new wig, and every bit of additional knowledge about the various options will make the entire process easier for you to make a perfect choice. Indique Hair has a wide range of wigs available for everyone. So, go ahead and explore the endless options available.

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