What is Remy Human Hair? Quality Testing Remy (BEFORE YOU BUY!!)

What is Remy Human Hair? Quality Testing Remy (BEFORE YOU BUY!!)
    Remy Hair - The Very Basic Of Human Hair Extensions & Wigs

Remy hair extensions has always been the very basic of Roya Hair extensions. Understand why remy hair are of utmost importance when it comes to hair extensions.




There is a lot of buzz around Remy human hair wigs. They are known to be the most expensive type of wigs one can get. What is Remi hair? Are they really worth the price tag? Without further due let’s look into what Remy hair is.

What is Remy Human Hair? (Sometimes spelt as Remi)

Remy hair is a hairpiece or wig that is also made of real human hair with the cuticle still intact. So if a product is described as ‘Remy’ you can be assured it is not synthetic.

The main difference between Remy hair and human hair wigs is that when Remy hair is collected the cuticle is still intact. This is a key difference. Every strand in Remy hair goes in the same direction. What does this mean? This has several advantages over non-Remy hair and human hair:

  • Natural cuticle means the hair will not tangle. Non-Remy wigs have artificial cuticles made from silicon. After use, the silicon will begin to wash out and the wig will start to tangle.

  • The cuticle keeps the hair moisturised so you can avoid the dry wig look
    It keeps the wig silky smooth and shiny

  • Natural cuticle, as opposed to the artificial cuticle, allows the hair to move and flow more naturally

  • Remy Hair lasts longer than regular Human Hair wigs. Remy Hair tends to still look fresh even months later, but it requires more care than regular human hair. Make sure you follow the guidelines in the package to keep your Remy hair looking fresh.

Remy Hair can be dyed, like regular human hair wigs. However, Remy Hair’s top-quality comes at a higher cost. So make sure you know what you’re doing before attempting to dye Remy wigs or have a professional dye it for you.


Remy Hair can be dyed, like regular human hair wigs. However, Remy Hair’s top-quality comes at a higher cost. So make sure you know what you’re doing before attempting to dye Remy wigs or have a professional dye it for you.


Many times when looking for the best quality hair extensions, wigs, and other hair pieces the term Remy Hair comes up. One thing to understand before looking for the most premium quality hair extensions is the type of hair that is used to make them.


In this blog, we will answer some of the many questions that revolve around remy hair extensions and bring more clarity when buying new wigs or hair extensions.


What does remy mean in hair?

The term Remy in hair means “in the same direction” and refers to the hair cuticle’s direction of growth. The cuticle is the outer layer of a strand of hair, and is responsible for hair’s strength, smoothness, and shine. If the cuticle is not intact in a piece of hair, it can cause tangling and frizz. If you’re thinking about getting your hair extensions done, it’s important to ensure that your stylist uses true Remy hair. Since Remy hair is made from one donor and is of a higher quality, it’s more expensive than other hair types. However, it will save you in the end because you’ll have hair that is less prone to tangling than its non-Remy counterpart. It can also help to extend the lifespan of your hair extensions.

Is remy hair human hair?

Yes! Remy hair is real human hair that has been donated or collected from a single person. All Remy hair extensions are human hair, but not all human hair extensions are Remy. There are human hair grades currently being used within the industry, 1A being the lowest quality hair and 10A the highest. When buying natural hair, the best types to consider are Indian Hair, Mongolian Hair, or Malaysian Hair.

Is remy hair ethically sourced?

Remy hair is a type of hair that is derived from healthy human heads, and it is commonly collected from the temples of India or from women who have willingly cut or shaved their scalp. Sourcing hair ethically depends on the brand and its values. Indique is one such brand that sources its raw hair from the temples of India and other private suppliers. But come companies like Chinese, they do not produce these hair ethically, they get their hair in a much cheaper price via forced labor


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Is remy human hair good quality?

Remy Hair (Top quality virgin human hair) is the best quality human hair on the market as they are virgin and have not been chemically treated which gives the stylist a lot of opportunities to experiment with their hair pieces. It's the number one choice for hair extensions because it looks the most natural. Remy hair lasts longer, is shinier, and is easier to style and maintain than other types of hair. If cost is not really a constraint for you Indique always suggests to go for its pure collection as it’s remy and virgin human hair, though, the best thing about Indique is that even the non remy or machine remy hair is of highest quality and will last longer than the beauty supply store extensions.

What grade is remy hair?

Remy hair is between grade 7A to 10A. 7A being a little thin to 10A being the thickest, making it easy to color and style. The hair grading system was set up by hair extension suppliers to determine the quality of raw hair sold to buyers to set them apart from the competition that may have been selling poor-quality hair. 

Is remy the best hair extensions?

Remy hair extensions are undoubtedly the best hair extensions out there in the market as they are made from the finest quality human hair, which are 100% virgin. Remy hair extensions have each strand look very similar to your natural strands of hair when examined under a microscope. 


The best Remy hair extensions are those that have been cut close to the scalp or cuticle, as this leaves each strand looking as natural and healthy as possible.

What is the difference between remy and non-remy hair?

Remy Hair is human hair that is collected from a single source or donor. The cuticles are unbroken and aligned in one direction which eventually makes them last longer and gives the stylist more options of coloring and styling.


Non-Remy Hair is also 100% Human Hair, but in this instance, the hair is gathered from multiple sources. Consequently, the cuticles are all misaligned, making the hair more prone to tangle and breakage.

Which is better remy or virgin hair?

The best hair quality to buy is remy virgin hair. As when it comes to remy hair they are mostly virgin (hair that has not been chemically treated in any way) whereas there are a lot of companies that claim their non-remy hair to be virgin too, but that’s not possible as the source of non remy hair is always undefined so it’s not ethical to claim non remy hair as virgin.


Remy is hair that has been carefully collected by a hair collector from a single hair donor. The hair is tied into a ponytail, ensuring that all the hairs are flowing in the same direction. The hair is then cut and preserved in this state. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction, which is important for the longevity and quality of the hair.


On the other hand, Virgin hair is a term used to describe hair that is undamaged, unprocessed, and completely intact with no chemical treatments. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet specific standards, including no previous bleach, color, dye, or chemical processing. Virgin hair is often stronger and lasts longer than other hair types because there is no damage to the strands.

What does human hair quality mean?

The human hair quality is determined by how much single-drawn or double-drawn hair is used in the bundle. Simply put, the more no of 18-inch hair strands in the bundle the higher the quality. The pure human hair can be graded as 5A or higher in the hair grading system.

How long does remy human hair last?

Remy human hair can last for 12 months to 18 months. The longevity of Remy human hair depends on correctly caring for and maintaining them with occasional visits to the hair professional. With proper care and maintenance remy human hair can easily last for upto 24 months.

How can you tell good quality hair?

To determine the quality of hair used in hair extensions, wigs, and other hair pieces there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. To know where the hair is sourced from and what kind of hair is it such as remy, non-remy or virgin hair is very important. If you are buying hair extensions online be aware of terms like ‘cuticle-aligned’, ‘remy’, and ‘virgin hair’, as they will guarantee you the best hair.

What is the difference between remy human hair and human hair?

Human hair is the hair sourced from different places which is further categorized into remy, non-remy, or virgin hair.


Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair on the market. It’s always virgin and its cuticles are kept intact and always going in one direction, which eliminates tangling and matting. Remy hair will last a long time compared to other types of human hair.


Non-Remy Hair as it is often called is usually collected from hair brushes and hair that has fallen on the floor, they can or cannot be virgin as their source is always undefined. The hair doesn’t run in the same direction and so they are put in an acid bath to strip any cuticles out of them. They are then dipped in silicone to add shine and cover any cuticles that were left and not removed in the acid bath. 

Which is better remy or brazilian hair?

Remy human hair is unique because of the way it is collected from hair donors. The cuticles are preserved which means the hair follicles all follow one direction. This makes every strand of Remy human hair look natural and healthy.


Brazilian Hair is actually just a category name. It does not signify the origin of hair from these places. They are actually just names given by people in the hair industry to create a buzz from the existing hair. People generally associate the name Brazilian hair with the look and feel of the hair. Even Brazilian hair is remy hair with similar properties as that of other remy hair.

What is the best hair for wigs?

Undoubtedly Remy Hair is the most preferred hair to make high quality wigs. Remy hair being 100% human hair gives versatility for styling, dyeing, and cutting the hair according to the wearer. It is also one of the most expensive and premium hair types available in the market. 

Can you put heat on remy hair extensions?

When it comes to styling your Remy hair extensions, you can treat them just as you would your own natural hair. This means you can blow-dry, curl, and straighten them without any issue. 


However, it’s important to remember that remy hair extensions are just as susceptible to heat damage as your own hair is. Because of this, you should always use a heat protector spray before applying hot curling or straightening irons to any extension hair. By taking these precautions, you can style your hair however you want without having to worry about damaging your extensions and can easily make them last longer too

Can remy human hair be dyed?

Yes! Remy Human Hair can be dyed as they are 100% human hair. Although, we recommend you always leave the dying of Remy human hair extensions to the professionals because they will know how to properly apply the dye and what steps need to be taken in order to achieve your desired final shade.

What does cuticle mean in hairdressing?

A hair cuticle in simpler words is the outermost layer of the hair strand. It protects the hair from damage and gives it shine and luster and keeping the hair healthy

What kind of cuticle does human hair have?

A healthy cuticle is smooth and flat, which gives your hair shine and protects the inner layers from damage. It also helps to keep your hair hydrated and prevents it from becoming overly dry or brittle.

How many cuticle layers can a strand of hair have?

A strand of hair has 3 layers of cuticles. The basic hair scale structures that make up the cuticle are: coronal (crown-like), spinous (petal-like), and imbricate (flattened).

What is cuticle intact remy hair?

Cuticle Intact Remy Hair means unbroken, natural cuticles on hair that have not been damaged during processing. When the cuticles are intact it ensures the highest quality is delivered to the buyer and thus to the consumer. Cuticles are necessary as they protect the hair and provide a natural shine and texture to the hair. It will also provide a longer life to hair extensions.

What is cuticle intact hair extensions?

Cuticle intact hair extensions means that all the cuticles are undamaged and protect the hair from damage. This results in the highest premium quality of hair extensions

What is cuticle intact remy hair?

Cuticles are removed from Non-Remy hair as they don’t have cuticles aligned in one direction as they are collected from piles of hair, brushes, fallen hair, and also in some cases the hair that is thrown away. So, the hair is stripped of its cuticles by putting them in an ‘acid bath’. The hair is then dipped in silicone to add shine and luster and make it feel like real human hair.

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